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BPR is an international media consultancy company working with market leading radio and television stations in major markets worldwide. We deliver clear and effective research based solutions for your programming, and marketing issues.


We provide a number of solutions for radio and television networks around the world. More than 200 radio stations in 21 countries rely on BPR’s products and services for their competitive advantage.

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Internationally proven software written especially for media applications. BPRXplorer is available in a number of versions depending on individual client requirements. BPR Software products are used by leading media companies worldwide.

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About Us

BPR is an international media consultancy company working with market leading radio and television stations in major markets worldwide. We deliver clear and effective research based solutions for your programming, and marketing issues.

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Success Stories


“Having worked with BP&R for a number of years at different stations in different markets I have found BP&R’s ability to adjust their consulting focus to the individual needs of my station and market forces to be a great experience. They can interpret the market research correctly and provide the right advice no matter what the situation. With BPR I feel I have a partner who provides an external view of my listeners needs which helps me as a Programme Director to ensure I maximise the listenership of my radio station”

Valerie Weber, Hörfunkdirektor, WDR, Germany

“The team at BPR have always been first class to work with. Their knowledge, passion, analytical thoroughness and all round service is outstanding. We’re delighted to have the BPR guys on our team!”

Paul Jackson, Group Program Director, Nova Entertainment, Australia

“BPR and Peter Don have been key drivers of the success of the “style rock” format of Virgin Radio Italy since it has been launched in July 2007. Through a very productive and constant dialogue with Peter Don to select the best rock music styles and era, and the use of BPXlorer, Virgin Radio Italy has been most helped to achieve an incredible performance with almost 2 million listeners per day, 3 years only after its launch in a very mature market…”

Marco Biondi – Virgin Radio Italy – MD- May 2010

“I have had the pleasure of working with BPR for more than 10 years. Thanks to BPR’s strategic input we achieved fantastic results with Radio MAXIMUM Moscow in re-positioning the station during 2001-2004 MAXIMUM finally become the #1 Rock station in a very crowded market.

Next came the task of designing and launching two new radio stations in the Moscow market which have gone on to achieve great success. Now BPR assists me in the development of Radio Zvezda BPR’s European expertise and specialist support. BPR are not just a consultants – they are real partners, who are just as “hungry” for success as we are!”

Mikhail Eidelman, Director of Radio, Radio Zvezda, Russia

“One of the best things about BPR is the way they can customize concepts and solutions for individual markets. Their research findings and great radio know-how really helped FFN get back to the number one position among the private radio stations in our market in North Germany. Since 2003 we have enjoyed a very successful relationship with BPR, who has also helped us conserve the individuality and creative character of radio ffn while at the same time developing our new strategy and positioning.”

Ina Tenz, Programme Director Radio ffn, Hannover, Germany

“I always feel relaxed and confident when Wayne Clouten visits us. He has not only helped us to work smarter and with more success, but to also better understand the Berlin market and what we need to do to achieve further success. We consider BPR to be the best radio research consultancy company. They have an amazing knowledge of, and experience in the German market. Wayne Clouten is not just our strategic consultant, he is our mentor and a valued member of our team.”

David Dornier, Owner Star FM, Berlin, Germany

“Working in one of the most competitive radio markets in the world it would be impossible to deliver successful programming outcomes without BPR’s research solutions. BPR’s Explorer Software is an integral part of our programming system enabling almost limitless marketing and consumer insights. TRN’s been a BPR customer for over a decade. We value the reliability, customer service and support.”

Dean Buchanan, NZME, New Zealand

“Our Company has had a long association with BPR, particularly Peter Don. Peter has played an integral role in the strategic planning of our Radio brands. This has included advice on research, overseeing methodology, interpretation of results, presentation of findings to senior management, and implementation advice. We use Peter as both a sounding board and to provide the company with trends on programme strategy, formats and promotions & marketing. We have used the BPR Xplorer software for many years with BPR providing updates and training. In summary, BPR has been a significant contributor to our business over many years.”

Wendy Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, MediaWorks Radio, New Zealand

“Good market research is about asking the right people the right questions in order to get the right answers for the right programming solutions. The team at bpr does just that for FFH successfully the last few years and in addition to that deliver great insights in german and global radio trends.”

Roel Oosthout, Programmchef, Hitradio FFH

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