Broadcast Programming & Research Pty Ltd (BPR) was established in Australia by Bill Clemens and Peter Don. BPR hasĀ  developed BPR Xplorer, a software tool customised to the unique aspects of radio programming.

BPR has worked in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and throughout Europe, and is one of the leading companies offering a unique combination of programming and research solutions, working with many of the leading radio stations and radio groups in many of the world’s major radio markets.


BPR believes you can’t manage what you can’t measure. The Xplorer software suite is specifically designed so that radio and television stations can do generate more focussed research, together with consulting services, we assist our clients to develop a clear understanding of their target audience and the competitive forces at work in each market.

BPR does not believe in a single solution for all radio situations, competitive media markets are in a constant state of change and that requires a strategic approach that is flexible and constantly evolving.