Here’s the Exact Date the Stock Market will Hit Rock Bottom…then BUY!

By David Kidd, BPR

At some stage, that event will happen. The experts’ opinions are divided on the exact timing of the market low.

And unfortunately, I don’t have that information……but it did make you read further!

Hooking and teasing to get the listener’s attention and interest has been part of radio programming philosophy for many decades.

“Keep them listening through the ad break!”

But as you and I both know, there are some presenters who hook and tease brilliantly with great creativity and there are others who….well…their idea of a creative hook and tease through an ad break is…”coming up next Ed Sheeran”. Yeh……overwhelming isn’t it.

So here I am recently watching the 6pm news on one of the commercial TV stations and the newsreader crosses to the weather girl (sorry…person) who says “stay around because coming up next I’ll tell you how warm it will be tomorrow”.

Wow, I thought. Have I accidentally time traveled back to 1989? No, its still 2019. And look, there’s an app on my smartphone that tells me tomorrow’s maximum temperature NOW. I don’t have to sit around waiting for the weather girl/person to tell me.

As an effective hook and tease through the ad break it was a massive fail.

Just like your presenter’s burst of alleged creativity with…… “coming up next Ed Sheeran”.

Teasing is an age-old method of arousing interest by creating a momentary uncertainty then resolving that uncertainty…….“Who is the artist/song they’re talking about?” The good thing about radio is the “uncertainty”, as far the next song goes, usually lasts for the duration of the ad break. But for a big promotion, the biggest exclusive interview of the year, the reveal might take a few days. Make the most of it when you can!

Hooking and teasing is a powerful and creative weapon for both the on air and promotional teams.

As a program/content director ensure everyone on your team is using it effectively.

And by the way, if you do know the exact date of when the stock market will bottom out…..please let me know!



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