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Talent Check

Talent Check is a cost effective online research tool that can be used to graphically demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of audio and video content. In the case of radio and television it can be used to test shows, individual presenters and programming elements such as contesting, news bulletins, features and benchmarks. Talent Check can also be used to test advertising campaigns, promos and commercials.

Respondents complete the survey online in their own time from the comfort and convenience of where they live or work.

One of the most powerful applications for the Talent Check is testing your talent or the talent of your competitors. You can also test talent and content that is still in the development stage. There is also the facility for the respondents to answer other questions as part of the survey. For example: rating the program and talent or asking image questions related to what you are testing (entertainment value, trust, believability etc).

Talent Check allows Program Directors and Consultants to sit with the talent and let them watch the reaction of listeners or viewers to their program in real time. Often, talent aren’t analytical enough to grasp the impact of research statistics alone. This graphic presentation of how their listeners or viewers are reacting to what they are doing clearly identifies the turn-ons and turn-offs from the perspective of real people in real time. Talent Check helps to remove the subjectivity of reviewing talent and replaces it with a shared objectivity.

Talent Check will uncover if the audience prefers one host over another, what topics spike interest, what topics turn people off, how they are engaging with a benchmark or contest, whether the hosts are talking too much, what happens to listener interest when the commercial break starts, what happens when they stop talking and the song starts.

With Talent Check you can test new show or benchmark concepts prior to broadcast. This reduces risk and enhances the likelihood of the new idea being successful. New ideas are very difficult to test using words or verbal descriptions. With Talent Check the user hears or sees exactly what you want to do and this provides a real reaction, not a theoretical prediction.

Talent Check is a powerful qualitative research tool that has been used by leading radio and television stations around the world to improve their content and further strengthen their brand.

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Music Map

Music Map are custom-built surveys which focus predominantly on music interest and opportunity across the total market. Music Map gives users the ability to listen to a wide range of music choices, allowing you to optimise the appeal of each segment and understand the fit and compatibility in building composite music formats.

We use a market representative sample for our Music Maps, ensuring that we provide you with a balance perspective, and the widest range of opinion, not linked directly to a current format.

Multi-language support and format optimisation that utilises source data bridges the gap between difference music segments to create unique music formats.

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Strategic Analysis & Brand Development

BPR has expertise in conducting strategic surveys in global markets, in various languages and formats for any size of client. Often referred to as non-music surveys or ‘Format Finders’, these market-based surveys are designed to connect opportunities with the relevant brands and stations.

The surveys are designed for each client and market. BPR uses a market representative sample – not a self recruited panel. Results provide accurate listener  tracking and a market representative sample, ensuring that results reflect market listening and balanced strategic information. Thus ensures the results reflect market listening and balanced strategic information. This ensures the results reflect market listening and balanced strategic information.

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BPR Countdown Tool

BPR are proud to announce we have partnered with Australian based voting platform Made In Katana, to offer you a new state of the art voting/countdown tool, as used by Triple J Hottest 100 and the Aria Awards, among many others.

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Digital Health Check

A strong digital presence can be paramount to your station’s growth. The BPR digital health check is a service aimed at gauging your station’s current level of social media performance across multiple platforms. Knowing how effective your social media pages are performing can provide you with the knowledge needed to continually improve your station’s reach and listener engagement.



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