How COVID-19 has Changed Radio

By David Kidd, BPR

This article is not all doom and gloom.

Sure, revenue for most radio stations around the world has taken a big hit and some clients’ businesses may never recover. We live in a time of uncertainty not knowing if COVID-19 is just the first act…. with the much publicized global recession just lying around the corner.

But what the pandemic has revealed is that despite all this radio can continue functioning. We are interacting with our colleagues and clients via Zoom and other online platforms, many on air personalities are broadcasting remotely and still sounding as if they’re in the studio, programming teams have devised new and fun contests around the concept of self-isolation.

Technology has made this possible but it is our ability to ADAPT that has made the possible a reality.

The ability to adapt quickly when life throws us a curve ball is crucial in any business but particularly radio if we are to SURVIVE the challenges that lie ahead.

Continually ask yourself “what if”.

What if ….my star morning show went to a competitor?

What if…. a competitor changed format and launched a direct attack on my station?

What if…. a competitor launched a flanking attack on either the younger or older segment of your audience?

War game each scenario.

Be prepared for the inevitable…. things will change….. and always be ready to adapt.


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