The Importance of Trust

By David Kidd, BPR

In BPR’s Strategic studies, we examine a number of brand perceptions. One such brand image is Trust.

In today’s competitive radio marketplace, the issue of ‘trust’ plays a critical role. An erosion of the listeners’ trust in your station creates a barrier preventing it from achieving its full potential.

Think of your favourite restaurants. They probably serve different cuisine, perhaps have different ambiances (cool, casual, sophisticated etc.) but the one thing they have in common, and the reason you keep going back, is because you TRUST them to deliver on their promise….and you’re never disappointed.

Likewise, it’s critical that your listeners keep tuning into your station because you deliver on your promise…. they trust you to actually do what you say you’ll do.

Your station’s P1’s must give a high Trust score for your station. It means that they like what you promise and you are delivering on it.

However, over the years I’ve seen many stations with low P1 scores for Trust…….and that is a huge issue for the programming team. The listeners don’t trust your station to actually do the things you say you will.

Building trust with the audience is a systematic component of the strategic process – from planning and execution through to outcomes delivered.

The challenge lies in ensuring that every member of the programming team including on air talent understands the importance of delivering on the station’s brand promise.

Last year I published an article “Just because you say it, does not make it so which centered around the importance of delivering on your brand promise.

You may think your listeners trust your station but only the research will reveal whether that is true.

Trust is the mesh that binds credibility to ratings success and ultimately to profitability. It operates within the station and outside it as an intangible yet very measurable force.

Getting back to your favourite restaurant………the one that you trust to never disappoint. What do you usually do? You tell your friends about your great dining experience …… and word of mouth is the most cost-effective marketing tool in the world.   


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