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Every Caller Wins the Edge Prize Cupboard

Every Caller Wins is BACK, BABY and there’s $20k in cash and prizes up for grabs!

So EVERY DAY THIS WEEK on Breakfast with Meg & Randell and Drive with Sharyn & Jayden, every single caller who gets on-air within the specified hour is winning something from The Edge Prize Cupboard! Everything must go!

Today’s every caller wins is at 4pm with Sharyn & Jayden – and if you get on-air with them on 0800 THE EDGE, you WIN. Easy as that!

But this time, there’s a twist – you’ll have to listen to Meg & Randell every morning to find out which hour of Sharyn & Jayden’s show is Every Caller Wins Hour. And then listen to Sharyn & Jayden to find out which hour of Edge Breakfast is Every Caller Wins Hour!


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